Mollie arrived to us on July 6, 2010 at 10:42 AM. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19 inches long!
We could not be more in love and can already see the start of our little family blooming!
Thanks for your continued love and support ~Leigh Ann, Matt & Mollie

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where has the time gone?!

So apparently, 3 months marks the transition from a newborn to an infant. We have a few more days, I'm not jumping the gun quite yet. It's so hard to believe how much these little beings change in just a few short weeks! My newborn will soon become an infant...wowsers, where has the time gone?!
Lounging poolside at Kiawah
Just Playin'!

One week I'm stressing that I need to be better apt to handle her wants & needs, I mean, the girl does communicate but I just doing speak 'baby' very well sometimes...At least she only cries when she needs something and once I go down my short list of what those things could be, I stumble upon the correct answer. Whew crisis averted. Once she hit about 2.5 months this was soooo much better!!

As much as it makes perfect sense, Matt and I have to constantly remind ourselves that babies are just 'miniature us's'. Some days we're more hungry or less hungry than others. Same with babies. Some nights we sleep well, some nights not. Same with babies. I could go on & on.. We're still trumped at certain moments, but for the most part, we're getting the hang of this! And loving every second of it- she really is super fun!!

Her personality's really starting to come through. There are times when she needs her alone time & doesn't want to be held. I hear ya. She'll wiggle and whine and as soon as you put her down, she's fine. I've always been one to enjoy time by myself as has Matt. I think that's a great attribute in a person when they enjoy spending time with just themselves. I bet she'll like her independent time to play and just chill when she gets older, too. When I would worry about her napping, my mom would remind me, 'when she's tired, she will sleep.' I really didn't quite get that & thought I had to tell her when to do it and coax her into falling asleep. Not the case. If I provide her the opportunity to fall asleep she will (in most cases) fall asleep. I got so wrapped up into having her 'be by the book' that I was missing her messages and her individuality. I've learned my lesson & will let her be her OWN person. As much as I wanted a schedule, we pretty much have one without me forcing anything. For that, I am grateful and comfortable.

Her smiles are out of control! The girl will crack me up. We finished feeding a few days ago and I started singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (don't ask) and the girl LOVED it. Oh great. Yep, she is def the niece of Julie & Jane Szteiter, the biggest Gaga fans I know:) I cannot wait for Mollie's out loud laughs to start!!! They are almost there & I am dying for a real giggle. While she can 'talk' up a storm, and seriously at times we can hardly get a word in. Matt and I just look at her and laugh. What in the world could she be trying to tell us? Something very important and useful, I'm sure:)
She was all smiles then stopped once the camera came out!

She also recently loves to hold things and touch things. Hence this precious picture of her holding her babydoll! She naps with her over her face and blankie in other hand. We knew she was a snuggle bug from DAY 1-- Melts my heart!!
Loving on babydoll

We have daily tummy time & while she is awesome at holding her head up, no signs of her attempting to roll over yet, but we're working on it. 
Roll Tide Roll!!
She's been sleeping great. She basically tells us what she wants and we follow. Guess we already know who is in charge here, right?! Her naps are pretty consistent and even if brief at times, she gets what she needs. Her fave afternoon nap spot is on her tummy (supervised, of course) in our living room leather chair. It's adorable & she always looks so content!
We were trying different bedtimes to see what works and think we've ended up with right about 7pm. She has been doing down like a champ! We bathe her, have massage time, pj's, then read Goodnight Moon, eat a touch more, then bed. As we're reading Goodnight Moon, she always starts to fuss right around the page of 'Goodnight mush' because she knows her bedtime snack is right around the corner- haha! I usually get up once with her about 3 to eat & I also pump then we're all good:) Looking forward to her spacing that out til wakeup time!! A few nights ago it was ALL night, 8pm-6am, then the next night it was, lets keep that up!!

So, we're going to have our last little while with our newborn and then she grows up into a new category. So very hard to believe and I know she'll be crawling before I can even blink my eyes. For now, we'll enjoy our little tiny Mollie:)

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