Mollie arrived to us on July 6, 2010 at 10:42 AM. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19 inches long!
We could not be more in love and can already see the start of our little family blooming!
Thanks for your continued love and support ~Leigh Ann, Matt & Mollie

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And so we wait...

"..When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." 

We are officially 4 days 'overdue', but who is counting?! But in all reality I feel pretty darn good- as I have throughout this pregnancy. I am soooo thankful for that. When we made today's Dr appt last week, I honestly believed we wouldn't need it; that Mollie would have for sure arrived by now. Well, I am learning a few new things every day!! Dr. says I am MUCH closer to baby this week than I seemed to be last week, so fairly confident Mollie could come on her own in the next couple of days:) We are staying positive that she will, but if not, then we'll start  inducing late Monday, July 5.

This whole due date thing really drives me nuts. I like having a time-line in mind, but at the same time it's kind of your finish line of sorts in your mind and on your calendar. So, when June 26 came...and then went, we were like what now?!  I've had many moments this week of being impatient (imagine that!) but Matt and I both believe wholeheartedly that she will come on her own & when she is ready. We really don't want to disturb Mother Nature and the birth timing.

I made the comment earlier that she is most definitely taking after Matt in her laid-back personality, just chillin' and taking it easy. I think if she were too much like me in the control area, she would have come on the estimated due date or before. Pretty confident God must know what he is doing...not sure if we need two of us real type A's in this household, Matt might just go crazy! No, I am for real.

So, we wait...Our June baby has now turned into a July baby- haha! Good thing the blog name is changing either way:) And who doesn't love the 4th of July weekend and festivities that surround it?! What an awesome birthday time she'll have! I absolutely adore fireworks and we know that time will always be spent cooking out, which we love and being with friends and family, which we love even more!!

Matt and I have faith that all things will fall into place as planned...just not really planned by us unless deemed necessary! Please send good thoughts our way and keep Mollie healthy and happy. We obviously hope to welcome her into the world & our lives this week or when she is good and ready on her own, but if not, then Monday or Tuesday it is! We do want the rest of our lives with her to start as soon as possible:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I know for sure..

 I will take a little blurb from my gal Oprah and tell you 'What I Know (right now) For Sure..'
  • I married the most giving and sweet man I know & thankful everyday he is my husband AND best friend.
  • The wait is worth so many contexts.
  • I am not good at waiting...this little girl is teaching me patience before she even arrives! Ahhhhh!
  • My family is my life - I love those people more than words can explain!
  • Don't take 'no' for an answer..if you dig a little you just may get your way or the answer you are looking for. Be persistent.
  • Be creative & keep an open mind to new ideas.
  • Sometimes I have to give up control
  • I cannot wait to see my sisters!!! They are beyond excited to be Aunt's:)
  • Being thrifty can be fun and exhilarating- the hunt is seriously half the joy
  • Everyone deserves to feel wanted and loved
  • I will love being a mom!!
  • Not everything will go as (you had) planned - sometimes it's not up to you.
  • Get a second opinion...on anything!
I am now having the impending conversation in my head of 'Oh, when are you due?' and I say 'Yesterday.' This is slightly amusing I'll admit, but at the same time we are getting anxious--to go ahead and do this, meet her, celebrate with family that will be in town this week, etc. This is crunch time. After 40 weeks, we are ready. Obviously my long walks are not really helping move things along, nor are cleaning sprees I've gone on or my manual labor car wash from yesterday. Ha!

I have come to the conclusion that Mollie is perfectly happy eating like a queen while she is inside of me. I swear between Matt cooking amazing meals and my parents being here and cooking too, there is NOT a lack of yummy food to be had. Once she arrives it's all milk...I would not want to come either!!

We'll keep you posted, but pretty sure either way, we will get to meet her this week:) Whew... I am reminding myself to be patient. She must be finishing growing her hair and fingernails, so who am I to rush her?!

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Go Get 'Em!

    My husband really is the greatest. Matt gets home last night with this great big present...said it's for me and that it's a gift of encouragement for welcoming Mollie into our lives soon! The thought crossed my mind to hold off opening it and then during labor & delivery he can keep reminding me that I have this great thing to open once she know, another something to push me that much harder:) haha

    But, surprises aren't really my thing so, I opened it and of course am reminded that he is soooo sweet. A bunch of thoughtful and delightful items that will make life THAT much better! Thanks boo, I love you.

     Items include:
     - Pixar movies: Cars, The Incredibles and Toy Story
     - 4pk of to-go champagne bottles
     - My FAVE summer white wine, Gazela Vinho Verde
     - Delicious beers I have not had in 9 months! Seadog Blueberry and AllagashWhite
     - Urban Nirvana massage (ohhhhh yeah)
     - Mexican recipe magazine (neither of us can live w/o Mexi!)
     - Portable radio/cd player for the hospital! And some mixed cd's he made..
     - Cooler/picnic tote for some fun outings!

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Excitement builds!

    Our (hopefully last!) Doc appt went well today and Mollie and I both seem to be doing great:) Stats good and her little heartbeat is good and fast, as usual. We played around with her a bit and identified all her limbs and where they were located as she squirmed around as much as she could being so cramped in there! It's so funny to be able to identify body parts and limbs & imagine what that bump that just poked through is, but it's different when the doctor holds her head b/t her thumb and pointer finger on my belly and says, 'we'll here is her head, still nice and far down.' So cool. And then I think, wait...I have to get that sweet little head out of me:) And very soon..Oy.

    This appt was also the morning after I woke up in the middle of the night with this terrible pinch in my back. I had to get up and walk around and eventually was hunched over on the sofa! I asked the dr and she said that middle-higher part of my back is part of the urinary tract and Mollie must have been pushed up against it and it was pinching me of sorts. Eeeks- don't want to feel that again!

    Pretty sure some nerves have set in a bit that this little girl is coming soon:) Real soon!! Nerves in a good way though, it's not a real typical nervous feeling, however. It's all a bit intriguing, sort of knowing what is coming (That we will deliver a baby soon) but at the same time having NO CLUE (how we will do so and then what). One thing that is not to be debated over is how much we already LOVE her and are just anxious to finally meet her and make her part of our family! I think Matt and I are both in that boat of mixed emotions, good thing I'll have mom there to coach me and show us the ropes once we get home, too!

    I've read most of the baby books on my bedside table, packed our hospital bags and car seat is installed in Matt's car.. I know some things can wait, but those are the things I CAN do in advance and necessary (i.e have control over); whereas Mollie's arrival, not so much! We are 4 days and counting til her estimated due date..Soooooo hard to believe it's late June already! They say a lot of first babies are late, so we'll see. However, it is a full-moon on Saturday AND if she is anything like her momma, she will come right on time:) If not.....we wait.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Father's Day Life Lessons

    Another Post by Matt! ~LA
    Below is a list of things I've learned over time and hopefully some of these can be useful to Mollie.  Although this is a lot of information for a newborn to immediately take in, we're very confident she will be able to adapt to, and carry on with all of these simple lessons.
    1)  Don't fry bacon without a shirt on
    2)  It never hurts to try something new at least once, even if you decide you don't like it
    3)  Don't eat yellow snow
    4)  Treat others as you would like to be treated
    5)  Cooking, eating, and being in the kitchen is FUN!!  Don't take it as a chore, but as something you can enjoy.  (She'll get started early in that department)
    6)  I look forward to teaching her the basics of soccer, baseball, and football (Playing and watching)--  But to try out what YOU like and what you're good at.
    7)  Traveling;  everything that is out there, what there is to see and explore.  Both nationally, internationally, and even locally.
    8)  Loyalty will take you a long way with your friends. 
    9)  Saving money can be fun, and she'll just be better off in the long run.  You can still do everything you want.
    10)  I cannot WAIT to teach her everything that Widespread Panic has put out, especially between 1995 - 2002.
    11)  Holiday fun, especially Christmas traditions; Pumpkin carving, Easter egg hunts, and Emmett Otter!!We have some that are old & passed down, although we look forward to creating our own family traditions, too.
    And lastly, 3 more major life lessons...
    1)  The Lord loves a working man
    2)  Don't trust whitey
    3)  See a doctor and get rid of it

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Single Digits!

    Ok, so we're now in the single digits of Mollie's estimated arrival date...9 days til June 26!!

    We have been seeing the Dr weekly now, I'm dilated 1cm & have been that way for 2 weeks now. She has no inclination that we will deliver early and says that most 1st born children are late. Fine by me, as I know she'll come when she is good and ready. It's also reminding us or teaching us that for the rest of our lives we are on HER time:) I don't blame her for staying in my belly with this heat if it comes to that..I probably would if given the choice- haha!

    I've felt super good to be this far along and hope it continues this way. I am very grateful that our health has maintained and has not stopped me from doing my normal stuff, like working! It's been a blessing, really. I'm doing my best to drink lots of water in these last days, building up my energy for labor time and of course eat as much of this delicious watermelon our stores and farmer's market have had! Man, we cannot get enough of it!!! yummm.

    Now that it's crunch time, Matt and I are getting all of our notes together, i.e. birth plan, labor assistance techniques and the phone list. The hospital bags are packed and I think we're ready! least on that end! We are also having our last date-night tonight before Mollie's arrival. It's been fun to do those side things with him. Last weekend was a party downtown then off to Ye Old Fashioned Ice Cream to share a banana split. Simple, but simply amazing:) Although, at the same time, we're counting down the days when we'll get to enjoy time with Mollie & do fun things with her, too. I think our new little family will be our favorite way to spend out time- and I would not have it ANY other way! Matt is too funny about planning all of these outings and activities with her. I can see him now, being the proud papa showing her off:)

    We will keep everyone posted of course! I anticipate us having a few more blogs posts in before her arrival, too. We'll see..again, all of this is up to her and when she is ready to arrive and done growing in there! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and let us stay on the healthy path. xoxo

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Matt's Random Thoughts

    These are Matt's current/random thoughts-- What a GREAT dad he will make!! Molls is a lucky gal, as am I:)
    • I have a new respect for ladies, with the way they can go about these days while pregnant and still do their everyday lives
    • Its so hot, milk was a bad choice.
    • We're already planning several vacations and trips for/with Mollie.  Crazy how we've gone from planning trips revolving around traveling the country seeing Panic shows to taking a little girl to Disney World.
    • I can't wait to buy Mollie her 1st pair of soccer cleats "You'll Never Walk Alone"
    • I'm a little worried about my bell peppers, although my tomatoes are rocking!
    • Mollie's room is 90% finished and looking strong to quite strong.  Thanks to Aunt Julie for her first Panic Poster!
    • My Father-To-Be book reading is coming along gradually.  People have been doing this for millions of years without books, so I'm feeling confident...............that no matter how many books you read, its all going to be new no matter what.
    • Why is it that the Big 10 has 12 teams, and the Big 12 has 10 teams?
    • We're looking forward to some "Sip and See's" with some good friends.
    • Both of our parents have been a huge help in getting us prepared both mentally and through home projects.  They are all super excited (that goes without saying).
    • Our cats have been making themselves at home by sleeping in Mollie's bassinet and crib. Its pretty funny right now, but soon we'll have to lay down the law.
    • When I'm in public places where there are babies present, I find myself looking are how babies are being transported, carried, and taken care of.  I've gotten some very helpful insight.  Who would've thought I would ever be paying attention to how a Baby Bjorn is assembled?!
    • We're so excited about this new step in our lives! All of our friends and families have been so great, helpful, and supportive.  Thank all of you and we can't wait to share in this joy with you- very very soon!

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    Random Thoughts

    Random thoughts and current happenings...Enjoy:)
    • I am feeling the pain of moms due in August or September- how do you survive in the South??!! It's not even 90 degrees yet and I was dripping sweat INSIDE my office today. Yuck.
    •  I am laying down with my feet up for the first time today and it feels amazing.
    • This is because my toes are feeling like lil' smokies...lovely. At least my ankles still have their shape.
    • I love that Matt is reading up on his 'Cooking for Baby' book each night, although we wont use that info and recipes for maybe another 6 months:)
    • Who knew finding a video monitor would provide so many options/confusion?. We got one that can scan/pan the room, too- looks very high tech and know it will be our lifeline for a years to come!
    • Mollie is trying to squirm around in my belly, but realizing she really doesn't have much room to do so..and it's starting to become a bit painful. I see elbows and knees trying to push their way out, haha!
    • My parents are officially our across the street neighbors and I am loving it. I know it will only get better. They are soooo excited to meet Mollie and be a part of her life!
    • I am wishing we could go to the Farmer's Market this/next Saturday, but don't feel like dealing with the Spoleto folks (or as Sadie calls them, the 'Spoletians')- Guess well just have a yard sale instead!
    • Moll's room quite possibly could be the cutest thing ever..I will post pics once it's totally done. It's so personal and just precious, really.
    • Thankful to have amazing people in my life who encourage me to sometimes get out of my routine or comfort zone. I know Mollie will soon become the definition of this!
    • Matt is obsessed with our veggie garden. When he waters each of the plants he is convinced each has visually grown some that day. Love it! We've already gotten some tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos in addition to the usual herbs. Now waiting on production from our squash, zucchini and our fruit trees!
    • Our Dr appt next week is when we begin getting measured for dilation- so exciting! Apparently Mollie's been head down for quite some time now, so that's great news and Dr did say last time she's dropped a bit, which is also on track and good! Still cannot believe how close we are..
    • Matt is now reading his 'The Everything Father-to-Be Book.' So sweet...told him he better hustle as he got a late start on it:) haha!
    • This little girl has the hiccups A LOT! It's so funny.
    • I am becoming fearful of my water breaking in a public horrible will it be if I am in Target?! Um, cleanup on aisle 3..Not to mention me standing in line somewhere with a cart full of stuff and trying to check out with all my coupons. Won't that just be lovely?! Sheesh.
    • Pretty certain I will survive these last few weeks on my current stash of O'Douls Amber N/A Beer. If you have/want to drink N/A & have not tried this you are missing out. VERY close to Yuengling.
    • I have such a nice handful of current preg and new mom friends that I cannot wait to share this journey with. Maybe we can have some nice early am/late pm summertime walks together!
    • My bras are beginning not to fit. Think it's a combo of a few things, but can safely say that is NOT delightful. Pretty soon I'll be in the oh so pretty nursing bras and all will be right with the world again.
    • Matt has a menu made for the 4th of July family festivities. Mind you, that is 8 DAYS after Mollie's due date. Hmm wonder what kind of shape we'll all be in and what will actually take place?? I hope we are all fine, as the food choices look delish, as do the homemade margs!!! Maybe that will be a good reason for me to get out of pj's:)
    • Packed the hospital dilemma is what do I wear during labor? I really don't want to sport that hospital gown, but what else would I wear/ruin? I know I am bringing too many clothing options and at that time probably will give a hoot less!!
    • Hard to believe the countdown is on..How did 36 weeks fly by in the blink of an eye-we cannot WAIT to meet this sweetie!!!
    • Post from Matt should be coming soon-think he is still gathering his thoughts:) More to come...