Mollie arrived to us on July 6, 2010 at 10:42 AM. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19 inches long!
We could not be more in love and can already see the start of our little family blooming!
Thanks for your continued love and support ~Leigh Ann, Matt & Mollie

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What we've learned in just 8 weeks

  • Home takes on a new meaning
  • One really CAN function on very little sleep!
  • My control went out the window about 8 weeks ago and I'm not sure if it'll come back
  • I always wondered how/why people can do daily loads of laundry-now I know, we go through many outfit changes in one day.. and I mean Mollie AND us!
  • On that note, thank God we purchased the pedestals to raise our front load washer/dryer- my back (nor patience) would have made it.
  • A new mom can never have enough bibs and burp cloths- It's the bulk of my daily laundry.
  • A shower every day is a wonderful treat and I welcome the alone time!
  • I have eaten more ice cream in the past weeks than ever-also thanks to mom for always having a go-to dessert!
  • When Mollie sleeps longer one night than the night before, of course I wake up early and then wonder if I should wake her up..what gives?!
  • My parents & sisters mean more to me now than ever before. Didn't even know that was possible.
  • Babies can blow through some diapers & wipes!!!! 
  • I have the best parents-in-law and grateful they live so close to Charleston
  • Pretty much every baby toy/piece uses batteries..go ahead and keep some extra on hand in case your go-to item, like our swing, starts to die!
  • How does someone so little need so very much stuff! Our home and cars are totally taken over:)
  • I am thankful everyday for my life and the people in it. We have some amazing friends.
  • Taking care of an infant is non-stop..did I think otherwise?!
  • When my confidence as a mom starts to waiver I just try and remember that if I didn't second guess myself that might mean I didn't care. 
  • The internet and message boards can be your best friend, although make you question just about everything you are doing!
  • Breastfeeding takes true commitment and dedication--and is worth every minute.
  • Invest in a good rocker/recliner/glider for baby will spend a ton of time in it
  • Spend the first 2 weeks solely getting to know your new baby and taking time for yourself and to sleep! Let others do the laundry, cook, clean, etc. I cannot say this enough!!! Oh, and it's a great excuse to stay in pj's for 2 weeks..wish I really would have done it.
  • I never thought I'd be getting in bed before the sun went down..and quite honestly I don't mind it one bit
  • Getting a few quiet minutes on the sofa now with just me & Matt makes that time even more special:) Pretty soon, maybe we'll have some conversations that are not solely baby based!
  • A swaddle blanket really can make a world of difference. I swear it's what helps Mollie sleep at night.
  • Babies fight sleep just like we do sometimes..they cannot get comfortable or are even too tired and get fussy due to lack of sleep.
  • We never watch any tv's anymore when they actually come on, everything is tivo'd
  • I'm not sure when I last bought something for myself..even on brief shopping trips, I dart straight to the baby/kids section and or get something baby related. My how things change so quickly:) Even at TJ Maxx!!
  • She is becoming an inchworm and scooting herself all around her crib in the night, even in her swaddle! It gives us a laugh to see what position she ends up in after her long sleep stretch.
  • I am attached to my breast pump. Literally. I even bought a car adapter. Don't worry, I don't pump & drive.
  • We could NOT live without our video monitor- it's the bomb and gives us peace of mind during naps and especially night
  • We are in love. As soon as that girl smiles at us, it's over.
  • Mollie is a water baby, hooray! She LOVES bath time and she loved the beach, ocean and pool too!
  • She is growing so quickly- Matt & I adore watching all these new little developments. She kicks like a rockette, coos/giggles all the time, loves music and us making funny faces at her.
  • Sleep is a learned skill...if you give them the tools and space needed, they will learn. (I am no pro, but we're getting there)
  • Getting somewhere on time and with everything you need is a total feat. I still try my best to be somewhere a few minutes early, but hey, spit ups and poops happen RIGHT as you walk out of the door, it never fails.
  • I can do more things with my left hand now more than ever, although eating left handed is quite odd I will say.
  • As much as we have loved this baby time and cuddling, we are both pretty pumped to see Mollie's personality really evolve & expand. We cannot wait to really play with her!!
  • It's crazy that I wake up in the middle of the night missing her face...I actually look forward to wee hour feedings sometimes!
  • I need to be better about documenting us with photos. Maybe we even need a video camera:)
  • Daytime TV is horrible. Just bad. At least DirectTV has all those music channels or Mollie and I would be in silence.
  • 8 weeks feels like such a short period of time on one hand & so long on the other!
  • It seems sort of strange looking back and trying to remember times/life without Mollie. I feel like she's been with us forever.
  • At times when it feels overwhelming or a hassle, all it takes is one glance at her and it makes it all worthwhile:)


  1. Leigh Ann- that is so sweet! It is so wonderful to see that you are really enjoying the time with Mollie! Next time you guys do this, God willing, you will have Mollie running around as well as the baby. So, its never quite the same. There is something truly special about the first! Thanks for keeping this little "diary" of your life. It is so much fun to read :)

  2. Get a video camera with a tripod and a remote if possible. It is a great way to get family shots and easiest to get shots when you are feeding, playing, etc and alone with her when no one can document. Our video camera also takes stills and sometimes takes pictures on it's own. I'm not sure what the setting is but it focuses on the face somehow and will snap a few pics while sitting there on the tripod in standby mode. I've gotten a few great shots that way.