Mollie arrived to us on July 6, 2010 at 10:42 AM. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19 inches long!
We could not be more in love and can already see the start of our little family blooming!
Thanks for your continued love and support ~Leigh Ann, Matt & Mollie

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time is ticking...

Very soon after Matt and I found out we were pregnant, I immediately went into planning ideas, list of baby items we needed, maternity clothes shopping, scouring Craigslist for great deals, etc. You know, all the fun/new baby stuff! A bit of that was done between weeks 12 and 20, then once we knew Lil G would be a girl, then I was able to hone in on some more specific things such as room ideas, name choices and showers. After the nausea wore off, friends/family knew our good news and we got a good report from all early Dr's appts, we were set to go!

That second trimester was everything I had read about and MORE! It really was fabulous. *Preg ladies and ladies to become preg, seriously take advantage of this time. Travel, do house projects, anything that you feel up for, because it doesn't get any better than that! There would be moments in many days where I would feel 'normal' and forget that I even had a living being inside of me! My energy level was sky high and being pregnant really didn't hold me back from anything really.

Then, came the weeks into third trimester. Just a tad bit of a different story. Well, that's not the full truth. Up until about 2 weeks ago, at 33 weeks, I was feeling 'awesome.' That was the word I would use when someone asked me how I was doing. It was the honest truth. I began to get a bit more tired and could feel Mollie really growing. Now that I am in Week 35, I feel a bit in slow motion. I am not walking as fast, it's taking a bit more attention getting in and out of the car and/or the bed, not to mention how uncomfortable riding in the passenger seat has become or really, sitting in general. By the way, Matt is loving me as his driver as you can imagine. I am still not 'large' so I am almost feeling bad for Mols that she doesn't have more room in there..I'm hoping she is content and not getting pissed in there, haha. Those kicks and weight shifts do feel like she is punishing me, this girl has some strength behind her already!!

My very dear and close cousin Jennifer, who is preg with her 3rd boy and due 1 week before us, just had her baby this morning!!! (3 weeks early, but everyone is doing great. He was 6 lbs, 5 oz) I even talked to her last night. Yeahhhh, I'll admit how much it startled me that it's not so far fetched for me to have Mollie before June 26. Not sure I am ready for her next week! Hoping if she does come early, I'll have a bit of forewarning, though. There is still soooo much to do and I am not mentally prepared- or so I tell myself now. I have started to pack our hospital bag, but all that's in there seems to be clothes for her and I. Why does that not surprise me?! We need to install the car seats and hang things on her nursery wall. I have also been working on our Birth Plan. Thanks to my cousin for being such a pro at this and sending me her Birth Plan to edit and draft as our own, I feel we'll be in great hands and all will be known about our wishes and hospital time. I know and trust the fact that Mollie will meet us on her own terms & when she is good and ready. Don't all of us women do that?!

So, we are 4 weeks, 4 days and counting...hoping this lil G grows as much as she needs to and is then ready to meet us with open arms. I  know we are beyond elated to meet this peanut, that's for sure:)

**On a side note, I REALLY REALLY want Matt to be a guest blogger on here. With just 4 weeks left, don't y'all want to hear his side of this story and experience??!! Please comment, give him some encouragement and maybe it will happen:)


  1. It is so fun reading your blog and hearing about your new adventure! I definitely think it would be great to have Matt give us his perspective! If Miss Mollie sticks to her schedule, I'll be in England when she arrives so I look forward to reading about her debut here! Much love to you and Matt!

  2. Oh Leigh Ann...I LOVE LOVE reading all this...tell Peggy (MIMI)---she is JUST now about to live...& I mean that literally...She just thinks her life has been blessed and full..(which it has--I am not taking anything away from that thus far)---BUT man, oh she about to enter the very very best part of her life....I am so excited she will be across the street from y'all....let her do what she wants, when she I tell makes us grandma's feel great when we can help..we just want every waking moment to be "helping" you in any way we can for giving us these wonderful creations, called grand babies!! Love to you all....KK

  3. Okay, Matt, come on you can do it...Perhaps your blog could be a love letter to your wife or even baby girl Mollie! It will be a great treasure for them both to have your heartfelt words! BTW...your gonna be a great dad!!